Why is acknowledgement important? 

A community-based arts project may involve a number of people: members of a community who are emerging artists, young people, older people, or unemployed people from a non-English-speaking background. Everyone's contribution to a creative-based project is important. Creators of a design or artwork, for example, have Moral Rights (see Moral Rights section of Intellectual Property module) and therefore have a right to be credited, even if Council owns copyright of the final work.

Acknowledgement and Media

It is important to work out beforehand who will be acknowledged when there is liaison with the media about your project. In some instances (such as when there are a large number of people involved in one project) it may be easier if the name of the community group (of which the participants belong) are acknowledged in media releases.

For example: rather than saying Fairfield City Council and Ali, Khoa, Geoff, Mirjana, Branka, Gia-Hai, Sammy, Jenny Long and Lucy from the Youth Group at Fairfield Community Resource Centre came together to produce a play; you could say members of the Fairfield Community Resource Centre Youth Group and Council came together to produce a play.

How acknowledgement will occur needs to be communicated to all participants well before the promotion stage and should be worked into the agreements.

It is important to ask participants how they would like to be acknowledged. Some may like to be acknowledged by first and last name; others may not want to be identified in the media at all; and some may prefer to go by first name only when being acknowledged by a plaque or certificate.

Acknowledgement in projects that have been given grants

In addition, when you have received a project grant, the grant funder will generally ask to be acknowledged in some form. This may include things such as the funding body's logo, which needs to be placed on all publicity material, or the funding body may require that you include a statement that says the project was supported by that funding body. Be sure to check!

Acknowledgement and reproduction of the artwork/design

If there is a shared arrangement, a grant from Council to an organisation or an arrangement with a contractor, the agreement may contain a clause that allows Council to reproduce the work for publicity, reporting or documentation/archival purposes. There will also be an additional statement ensuring that Council will acknowledge the creators in any reproductions.

Case example: Hektik Legal Wall Project

Copyright clause in agreement

2. Fairfield City Council and Cabramatta Community Centre are able to reproduce the work or any part of it only for the purposes of publicity and critical review, annual and monthly reports, and creating a non-commercial archive and non-lending reference or database. If it does so, Fairfield City Council and Cabramatta Community Centre will acknowledge the creators in any reproductions of the art.

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